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The famous Pike Place Market in Seattle.


Seattle is an amazingly diverse city and I think you can see that in the variety of food you can find there. From Ethiopian goat curry to authentic Chinese noodles to Cajun barbeque and standard American fare like hamburgers, you can find almost anything in Seattle.

The foods shown below are some of my favorite foods from Seattle-based restaurants. Hover your mouse over them to get a description.

Two slices of pepperoni pizza covered in red pepper flakes.
Pagliacci's Pizza is a casual dining pizza place with incredible pizza by the slice. But that's not all—they have dozens of unique toppings, including goat cheese, thyme-roasted artichoke, and cured meats.
Two hamburgers and fries at Rain City Burgers.
Rain City Burgers is a burger joint with a selection of burgers named after Seattle sports teams. All of their burgers feature soft buns, juicy beef, and fresh ingredients.
A close-up of delicious beef shawarma from Shawarma King.
Shawarma King is a casual takeout restaurant serving Middle Eastern cuisine, including shawarma, gyros, and kabobs. Their fresh meat is sliced right off the spit in front of you and their special hot sauce adds an incredible kick to already tasty fare.